Most organizations don’t know how much they spend on their print fleet annually – but by evaluating your output and spending, and then using this information to eliminate inefficiencies, studies show that your business could save up to 20 or 30 percent on printing costs.

Print management software enables you to keep track of information such as output from each device in your fleet, as well as which employees are printing the most. These figures can aid in determining an effective network inventory strategy. Eliminating and/or consolidating certain devices and adjusting printing privileges for employees can significantly mitigate costly waste for your organization.

Blue Technologies provides quality print administration and management solutions – backed by our award-winning Commitment to Excellence guarantee. Our team of experts will work with you to analyze your current print fleet output and costs, then design a managed print services solution customized to the unique needs of your business for best results.

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  • Equitrack Professional automates cost tracking and intelligent device management, recovers service costs without sacrificing productivity, optimizes device usage, and promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing waste. Users are empowered to relocate devices and maximize utilization, generating more output from current technology investments.
  • Objectif Lune Planet Press allows users to work with almost any type of data or document. Once data is received, it can be used to drive the document content, distribution and workflow dynamically. Through automation, jobs get done faster; invoices get out quicker; and your company gets revenue sooner. Improve your systems in place without tinkering with existing workflows or impacting applications and production deadlines.
  • Objectif Lune Print Shop is a standalone variable data printing and composition tool that optimizes Variable Data Printing (VDP) production processes by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed. VDP allows the personalization of documents such as advertisements, direct mail pieces and flyers based on a recipient’s profile.
  • Pagescope Net Care Device Manager has a web-based interface that lets you view your entire fleet of multifunctional products from a single point, so you never have to leave your desk. All your MIB-compliant devices are identified by icons and displayed on one screen, so setup and management are easy. You can check status for each device, including consumable status. Icons alert you to conditions that may affect print/scan readiness. You can also receive email notifications when an error occurs, such as when paper needs to be replenished or when the toner is low. So response time to queries is quicker. Additionally, you will be able to proactively solve problems before they impact user productivity.
  • Print Audit automatically tracks 100 percent of your printing, including local, networked and direct-to-IP devices. This software also automatically builds inventory lists of every user, printing device and computer, and installs silently to tens, hundreds or thousands of workstations. Users ultimately save money because this solution reveals printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers.
  • Printgroove automates production print processes for smooth, seamless throughput – job submission, to finishing and shipping. Changes, updates and unexpected glitches won’t compromise your productivity. And your production staff will get more work done in less time – for output that looks better on your bottom line.
  • Software Shelf Print Manager Plus monitors all printing with over 130 detailed premade reports and Graphs that allow users to see who is printing, what they are printing, and the cost of that printing. Employees can be dissuaded from printing personal documents, pictures, and emails with over 10 permission based restrictions or even hard quotas. In turn, users eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% or more on a single network.