Document challenges are costing organizations $20,000 in wasted time per information worker, per year, according to the International Data Corp. (IDC). However implementing a comprehensive document management solution can give your organization insight into costly inefficiencies and help you stem financial drains.

Automating your workflow – particularly as it relates to document processing – is a key way to eliminate inefficiencies for your organization. Document processing via project management software replaces slow, potentially erroneous manual data processing that consumes employees’ valuable time, instead automatically receiving, formatting, storing, distributing and analyzing data within documents electronically – quickly, accurately and securely.

Blue Technologies provides only the highest-quality business process management solutions to effectively automate your document processing workflow – backed by our award-winning Commitment to Excellence – EVERY DAY gurantee. Our expert team will work with you to determine the best-fit solution for your organization’s unique document processing and workflow needs.

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  • Filebound configures processing rules one time and the solution applies them consistently, every time a new item enters the process. Users can create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution and filing of transactional forms. Templates can be configured as Word, HTML or XML documents. Data from the FileBound database or from external data sources can be merged into the form and routed down a workflow.
  • iManage Work provides essential document management features, tracks document versions from initial draft to final form, maintains audit trails and logs, and manages email and other electronically stored information (ESI). Electronic files are organized into matter files called workspaces, which is the electronic equivalent of an expandable file folder. Automated classification eliminates the need for users to fill out tedious profile forms and classify each document.
  • OnBase by Hyland uses a configurable set of procedures to consistently route content through a user-defined business process. The point-and-click configuration enables organizations to quickly position sturdy workflow solutions, streamline business processes and create the opportunity for continuous improvement.
  • Prism DocRecord organizes files by placing all documents in a series of folders. Documents can be grouped together in folders based on projects, work processes, or document type to streamline business processes. Users define folders that best fit their business operations and expedite document retrieval.