Businesses send and receive documents from clients and partners in a variety of formats – paper, email, PDF, image files and more CAD. Many are fielding central storage all of this information manually, requiring employees to put important tasks on hold. What’s more, these documents run the risk of getting lost or altered if data is not entered into the system promptly and accurately.

Mitigate these risks with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions from Blue Technologies, software that uses data mining to capture information from paper and digital documents for automatic entry it into your firm’s centralized storage system. Streamlining your data entry process with automated data capture ensures the integrity of your information database, as well as boosts your organization’s productivity.

Our expert staff works will work with you to design the best-fit OCR solution for your organization’s needs, independent of any specific manufacturer. We offer only the most high-quality, secure software from top vendors on the market, backed by Blue Technologies’ award-winning Commitment to Excellence – EVERY DAY guarantee.

Request a free assessment of your firm’s document management process to find the right OCR solution for your business today!


  • AnyDoc is a document management solution for automatic, electronic data capture and processing from business forms. This data entry software eliminates the costs and inaccuracies of manual information logging for numerous organizations around the world.
  • BT Capture contains a built-in Intelli-Tag feature that allows users speed up their data capture applications without document templates. In addition, users can create and customize their own Intelli-Tag database to improve document recognition or adapt to specific applications.
  • iManage Work lets users manage and access all documents, emails and other communications streams in a single project-specific filesite, securely accessible from anywhere, on any device. Document information is automatically uploaded, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • OnBase by Hyland provides sophisticated mechanisms for the production, capture, index and storage of virtually any type of document, whether originating on paper or in electronic format. Images imported into OnBase can be converted into a searchable text rendition with OnBase OCR and then indexed with OnBase Verity™ Full-Text indexing. Once imported into OnBase, document images can be processed via the OnBase OCR module in order to create searchable, full text, index-ready documents.
  • Planet Press can capture and read data in pretty much any format: ASCII, print streams, hot folders, emails, HTTP requests, PDFs or database exports. Wherever your data is located, you can retrieve and store it as a Unified Data Model.