Are you losing critical documents? Do you have little to no visibility into your everyday business processes? Is it difficult to find information you need, when you need it? If managing information and the documents that support that information is time consuming and tedious, then a document management solution may be what your organization needs.

Implementing a document management strategy can be daunting, but Blue Technologies provides a customized approach to identifying the individual needs of an organization. These solutions are not one-size fits all – and we are here to help!

The following business drivers can help an organization identify their need for and the potential benefits of a document management solution.


Many businesses employ a number of individuals solely to perform low-value tasks. These tasks can range from physically moving paper throughout an office, entering redundant data into a number of different databases or even double checking another employee’s work. The time wasted on these low-value tasks not only impacts the employee completing the task, but can negatively affect service times and customer satisfaction.


Complying with regulations, regardless of whether they are internal or external, is not only a requirement, but an opportunity to improve upon existing business processes and increase operational efficiencies. Compliance regulations can be costly, time consuming and risky if not met. By utilizing a Document Management Solution to assist with compliance, companies have the opportunity to not only be proactive within their compliance programs, but also have a high probability of maintaining, and most likely reducing, overall compliance costs.


Many times, the hidden costs that result from inefficient business processes are not given enough attention. Every business process requires a certain amount of labor and when processes are inefficient, there is much room for improvement to ultimately eliminate some of these hidden costs, impacting your bottom line.

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