The legal environment is dependent on the use of documents that come in all shapes, sizes and files – making document management an increasingly important focus for firms. The ability to organize and retrieve documents quickly has a critical impact on the functionality of your practice. A well-designed document management system allows your staff to work together to handle matters and projects more efficiently, improving quality and profitability.

Blue Technologies Smart Solutions’ Legal and Professional Services (LAPS) team has more than 15 years of experience in information management, with more than 150 clients worldwide. We know and understand the unique workflow and document management challenges of legal professionals, and the practice of law and legal technology.

We tailor our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to best fit your needs in a way that you can organize, retrieve and govern electronic documents quickly and easily. We offer a number of best-of-breed products, such as industry-leading iManage – formerly known as HP WorkSite –, NetDocuments and a complete suite of complimentary tools independent of any manufacturer that secure, deliver, and clean your electronic content.

Our offerings are highly scalable and robust. Whether you are looking to store, find, share, track electronic documents, or automate workflows, Blue Technologies Smart Solutions’ LAPS experts provide clients with the most dynamic, state-of-the-art document management systems designed specifically to meet the needs of the firm or legal group. Our staff performs all aspects of software implementation, including design, document migrations and training for both end users and administrators.

Contact a Blue Technologies expert today at (216) 271-4800 or to discuss how we can help your firm with its document management needs.

Key Benefits of Document Management:

  • Organization: Our ECM solutions provide a secure, centralized storage location for all your electronic documents and email.  By organizing your valuable work product in the electronic file, this fosters true collaboration for your practice areas or teams. ECM solutions enhance your ability for e-discovery with advanced data analytics and content contextualization, automated legal hold notification workflows, management of potentially responsive data sets for review and production, and insight into the investigation and review process.
  • Effective, fast searches: Don’t waste time searching for a document through hundreds of keyword or catalog date results.  Automatically tag documents according to their function, such as correspondence, invoices or technical documents, based on a flexible design tailored for your organization. This ultimately enhances searching capabilities for documents across entire libraries, enabling users to quickly and effectively find the content they need.
  • Secure document management: Our LAPS solutions also give you the ability to better govern and enforce security around content to ensure protection of confidential information for compliance purposes through the use of flexible security schemes. You control who can view your content at any time during its creation process, down to the version.
  • Anywhere, anytime access: Whether you are working in-office or on the go, our document management solutions ensure you can locate, share, edit and review complex content easily – from virtually any device. Optional web-based collaboration tools enable you to manage tasks, group calendars, discussion threads and views.
  • Increased efficiency and ease of use: Streamlining your business processes with a user-friendly document management interface helps your people work smarter, faster – negating hidden costs. Eliminate tedious work and focus on high-value priorities, align workflow activities with your business goals and enterprise architecture. Our advanced technologies provide solutions to address the greatest obstacles being met in the legal industry today.