How much time does your human resources department spend completing, sharing, tracking down and filing a seemingly endless amount of paperwork? A tailored document management solution from Blue Technologies can help to streamline your HR process, allowing your employees to focus on more valuable business tasks.

We can implement the right-fit enterprise document management solution to digitally store and organize employee records, making search and access easy while cutting down on turnaround time. And working from a central, secure database ensures records are less likely to be misplaced, out of date or redundant. To increase efficiencies and end user productivity further, our document management solutions provide the following functionality:

  • Offers instant access to employee documents directly from users’ familiar human resources information system (HRIS) or email application
  • Electronically captures all employee documents regardless of how they’re received, storing them in a central, secure location
  • Includes granular security options to control who has access to the HR system and exactly what they can do
  • Provides a single interface to track and review all employee documents, requests and interactions, offering a comprehensive view of each employee

Our document management solutions can solve a number of different needs, and each organizations requirements are different. Contact a technology expert today at (216) 271-4800 or for more information on how document management can improve your HR department.