How often is your team searching cabinets and desks for supporting documentation to a transaction or customer service call?

Business professionals spend on average, 18 minutes locating a single document. And that doesn’t include time spent on subsequent low-level tasks such as copying, scanning or distributing that document. Wasted time isn’t just tedious for your team – it’s wasted dollars for your business.

Blue Technologies can optimize your accounts receivable processes through a customized document management solution to eliminate wasted time, and give you a real-time, comprehensive view into current, pending and past due billings for a more efficient accounts receivable process.

Our solutions are tailored to your business’s unique needs to free up your accounting team to focus on high-value tasks, like managing billings and improving cash flow.

  • Digitally store, organize and locate documents related to a transaction or account from a single, secure database across multiple applications
  • Integrate with existing accounting systems to streamline your billing process, ensuring timely invoice presentment to your customers
  • Present past due billings to your employees, eliminating the need to manually search for information and associated documentation

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