Streamline your accounts payable process with Blue Technologies to achieve fast, efficient and accurate invoice processing. Our experts can tailor a document management program specific to your business’s needs to eliminate workflow bottlenecks and increase ease of operations for your team.

  • Digitally store and organize accounting documents according to your unique business structure
  • Eliminate tedious file hunts and lost paperwork
  • Link invoices and supporting content – such as PO’s, packing slips and check images from various applications and devices into a central, secure database
  • Easy access and fast decision making

Blue Technologies can help you to automate manual processes, allowing your employees to focus on higher values tasks and ultimately increase operational efficiencies.

  • Digitally route invoices to be reviewed and approved
  • Automate delay notifications when deadlines pass
  • Push data streams to other line of business applications, eliminating additional time needed for manual data entry
  • Gain insight into process bottlenecks

Contact a technology expert today at (216) 271-4800 or to take charge of invoice processing and add value to your business with document management solutions from Blue Technologies.