Blue Technologies’ 4-point pledge is put into place to protect the customer after the installation is complete covering solution performance, solution service, solution resolution and customer service.

Solution Performance Commitment

The solution your business expects – guaranteed.

Blue Technologies is committed to providing only industry-leading Productivity Solutions and Professional Services for your organization. Every software and professional services solution is backed by the Solution Performance Commitment.

Whether it is simply indexing company data or the creation of a high level workflow, we pledge to understand and comply with your company initiatives to help you realize annual profitability goals. This commitment begins with both companies’ agreement on the Scope of Work identified by you and our certified technical engineers.

All installations are overseen and directed by a Project Coordinator who guides and monitors the project and serves as a liaison with your business to ensure a professional and thorough outcome that upholds all facets of the agreed upon Scope of Work.*

Service Commitment

Fast emergency service provided by a highly technical team – guaranteed.

Our Service Commitment is simple.  If your Blue Technologies provided Productivity Solution ever needs service, we will respond quickly and with the talent to do it right.  Our Productivity Solutions Division is a BEST certified team and is committed to providing you excellence in all imaging services.

Every imaging service technician we employ is a manufacturer certified software engineer and solutions provider.  So when you have a service emergency issue with your Blue Technologies  solution you simply dial 216-883-7642 to notify us.

Blue Technologies commits, in writing, if we do not take your call live, we will call you back within minutes to diagnose your problem and implement a proactive solution.

Resolution Commitment

We can, and will, make it right – guaranteed.

Blue Technologies will resolve your imaging service needs within the same day (maximum of eight hours) for any issues that impede solution usage or data processing. In fact, if we do not meet the 8 hour resolution timeline, we will pay you a 5% credit on your next billable professional services invoice.**

Additionally, if issues arise that are software specific, we commit to involve the manufacturer with the same day escalation.  Rest assured Blue Technologies is committed to “making it right” per the Scope of Work.

Complete Satisfaction Commitment

A satisfied customer is not loyal; only a completely satisfied customer is loyal.

Blue Technologies is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and provides quick, expert assistance to all your questions and concerns– the first time! One call—one dedicated person. Just call our Customer Satisfaction Representative for answers regarding: service, billing, supplies and deliveries. Best of all we’ll respond to you within three hours. Guaranteed! That’s why Blue Technologies’ Complete Satisfaction Commitment pledges to you, our valued customer, satisfaction unparalleled in the industry.

We Put It in Writing

The Blue Technologies Commitment to Excellence guarantees more than just product performance. It also guarantees the performance of our people. As a locally owned company, our employees live and work in the same communities as our customers. This is our four-point pledge of reliability, accountability and total customer satisfaction, guaranteed — in writing.

*Continued participation in our annual maintenance program guarantees the Commitment to Excellence for the lifetime of your solution, based upon the mutually agreed upon Scope of Work.

** Annual maintenance invoices excluded.