Blue Technologies’ 5-point pledge is put into place to protect the customer after the acquisition is complete covering product performance, product service, supplies, easy acquisition and customer service.

Product Performance Commitment

The equipment performance you expect — guaranteed.

Every printer under MPS contract with Blue Technologies is backed by our Product Performance Commitment.  We will monitor your printer information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our secure website.

All equipment purchased under contract with Blue Technologies is guaranteed* to run like new during the term of the contract.  If it is down, we will repair it.  If a repair is needed that can’t be done at your location, we will provide you with a loaner of equal or greater capabilities free of charge.  If we cannot get your printer to perform like new, we will replace it with a brand new printer of equal or greater capabilities at no charge to you.  If the printer was not purchased from Blue Technologies but is under the MPS contract, we will provide a loaner of equal or greater capabilities and will address it at the quarterly review.

Service Commitment

Fast repair service or credit on your next purchase—guaranteed.

Our Service Commitment is simple. If your equipment ever needs service, we respond quickly and fix it right the first time. We pledge a service response call within minutes of your request and guarantee an onsite response for emergency calls within six hours. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to meet this pledge, we’ll give you a 10% credit off that devices next invoice from Blue Technologies.

Our certified technicians use only industry recommended parts, technical upgrades and a customer-friendly dispatch system that results in maximum equipment uptime, more productivity and less aggravation.

Supply Commitment

Top quality, recommended authorized parts and supplies — guaranteed.

To keep your equipment and company operating at its optimum performance level, Blue Technologies guarantees to use only recommended, remanufactured and OEM supplies at the competitive prices in the marketplace.

As your authorized service vendor, Blue Technologies will provide all the supplies you need, when you need them! We maintain to direct ship supplies to you at no charge.

Easy Acquisition Commitment

Flexible, refresh upgrades—guaranteed.

There are two main reasons why most companies choose to replace their equipment: changes in technology or changes in their business needs. Blue Technologies performs quarterly review programs that will help you access new equipment and meet the growing needs of your business. We offer our upgrade programs without penalty to you.

Complete Satisfaction Commitment

A satisfied customer is not loyal; only a completely satisfied customer is loyal.

Blue Technologies is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and provides quick, expert assistance to all your questions and concerns– the first time! One call—one dedicated person. Just call our Customer Satisfaction Representative for answers regarding: service, billing, supplies and deliveries. Best of all we’ll respond to you within three hours. Guaranteed! That’s why Blue Technologies’ Complete Satisfaction Commitment pledges to you, our valued customer, satisfaction unparalleled in the industry.

We Put It in Writing

The Blue Technologies Commitment to Excellence guarantees more than just product performance. It also guarantees the performance of our people. As a locally owned company, our employees live and work in the same communities as our customers. This is our five-point pledge of reliability, accountability and total customer satisfaction, guaranteed — in writing.


* Continuous subscriptions to Blue Technologies’ service and supply program required. Blue Technologies has the right to swap out hardware under contract based upon parts availability.