Blue Technologies’ 5-point pledge is put into place to protect the customer after the installation is complete covering solution performance, solution service, solution resolution and customer service.

Product Performance Commitment

Every Managed Services implementation is monitored 24x7x365 using our secure and dedicated software for network and computer monitoring. With careful and deliberate technology deployment, we are always monitoring your environment… we often resolve issues before you know about them.

Our pledge is to do our due diligence to completely understand your business and business processes, as well as, your company initiatives. Out of that research and with the technical assistance of our back office support staff, we design a Scope of Work. Once both parties agree to the Scope of Work, Blue Technologies certifies that the IT Solution proposed will work and commit to installing and providing the required services for your organization. Your certified Scope of work will guarantee your IT support commitment from Blue Technologies which is why we stand behind every managed and customized solution we architect and sell, so your investment is protected.

Service Commitment

Our service commitment is simple. If your equipment ever needs service, we respond quickly and fix it right the first time. We pledge a service response call within 30 minutes of your request and guarantee an onsite response for emergency calls within six hours (during normal business hours). If we do not fulfill this commitment, you will receive a 10% credit on your next month’s Managed Services installment.

Our team carries certifications from HP, Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, VMware, EMC and other industry leaders, not to mention the extensive real-world experience. We know you have many choices for IT partnership. We pledge that we will provide world-class service for your company.

Real–Time IT Business Value Commitment

Blue Technologies is committed to providing you with real and measurable value for your IT dollars. By providing real-time network, server, and workstation monitoring 24x7x365, we can often preemptively address hardware issues before they create unexpected downtime. When you do have to deal with problems, we are there with you providing the fast and correct expertise to get you operational again. Addressing technical issues on a planned schedule dramatically reduces your operational costs, and streamlines your company’s efficiencies.  Additionally, we conduct quarterly business reviews where we address any changes in technology and business needs your company may require and reflect those in your flexible Managed Services Contract.

Strategic IT Partner Commitment

Blue Technologies is much more than a world class IT consulting firm. We have seasoned executive CIO and IT Director experience on staff that can work directly with your business leaders and lay out a business strategy that leverages technology to maximize your technology investment. Whether you’re planning a significant business addition, rolling out server virtualization, looking for cost-effective project management and execution, deploying and/or using cloud based services, creating disaster recovery plans, dealing with vendors, negotiating contracts, or managing IT staff, Blue Technologies’ Managed IT Services is the right choice for you. Our in-house experts have many years of experience with these Business+IT issues, and know how to properly advise you.

Complete Satisfaction Commitment

Blue Technologies is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and provides quick, expert assistance to all of your questions and concerns. Just call our Customer Satisfaction Representative for answers regarding service, billings, and scheduling. Best of all, we will respond to you within three hours. Guaranteed! That’s why Blue Technologies’ Complete Satisfaction Commitment pledges to you, our valued customer, unparalleled satisfaction in the industry.